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About Us

Discover The Art Of Miniature Crafts

Petite Workshop is a fun miniature art studio located in Markham, Ontario, Canada.

Locally, we teach miniature art workshops for both kids and adults. We use the highest quality clay imported from Japan, so you can bring your creation home right away (no overnight drying or baking). 

  For our friends around the world, we've set up this online store with our handmade goods so we can share our love for miniatures with you!


Our Story

A Message from Lily Wong, Founder & Lead Instructor

I have always loved handmade crafts. In my late teens, I started making clay sculptures. The lessons and tutorial books were quite expensive, so I sold my work to earn money and continue the hobby.

When my first daughter was still in kindergarten, I fell into critical condition but thankfully made it through. This experience brought me a new perspective and I began to appreciate the little things in life. I spent more time on the people and the things I loved, including crafting. I started taking lessons again and even assisted a crafts shop shortly before it closed down.

At the same time, my daughter was participating in a charity fundraiser at school. Rather than simply asking friends and family for cash donations, she created a campaign where she sold handmade keychains with all proceeds going back to the charity.

My daughter encouraged me that many people out there were interested in the keychains and miniature clay art, and that since the previous shop closed down, we should start our own studio to teach this craft. Petite Workshop has become a place where anyone can turn their ideas into creations and I love teaching my students every day.


Interested in Learning More?

We aim to cultivate a passion for miniature art and appreciation for the little things in life. 100% of our students enjoyed their stay at our studio and we want you to join the fun too.

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