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General FAQs


Are your items handmade?

Yes! Everything you see in our store is handmade by our family. We specialize in miniature clay art, and also bring in other materials to complement our pieces (resin, acrylic, etc.).


What payments do you accept?

For product purchases that need to be shipped, we accept credit card.

For local customers (products and workshops) visiting our store, we accept cash and credit card. 


Product FAQs


How much is shipping?

We offer free shipping to USA for orders over $35 USD, and worldwide for orders over $55 CAD (approx $40 USD).

For the full list of shipping rates, please see our Shipping Info page.


What is your return policy?

We create, inspect, and package every item ourselves, so that you receive high quality items. If a problem is present, please contact us within one week of receiving the items.

All return shipping fees are the responsibility of the customer. Local customers can also conduct a return / exchange at our studio (by appointment). 

We are not responsible for any customs and taxes applied to your order. All fees imposed during or after shipping are the responsibility of the customer (tariffs, taxes, etc.).


Why was the amount charged to me different from what's listed on your website?

Prices are listed in CAD as our shop is based in Toronto, Canada. We have a currency converter for your convenience as you shop our website. When you check out, the prices will be converted back and charged in CAD.

There may be slight discrepancies between what you're charged and what is displayed on our website if you are using a non-CAD credit card. This is caused by conversion rates by your credit card company and / or local bank.


Do you take custom orders?

Yes! Please contact us here.


Can I sell your items in my online store / physical store?

Yes! Petite Workshop welcomes all vendors of our products. However, we must require you to clearly state in your store to your customers that it is a Petite Workshop product. Customers must receive the products with the Petite Workshop branded packaging.

We are also open to collaborations and co-branded products and packaging. Please contact us to discuss more, if you are interested in becoming a vendor.


Workshop FAQs


What workshops do you host?

We host kids camp, one-time workshops (Mini Projects), and weekly classes at our studio in Markham.

Kids camp occurs three times a year (Summer Camp, Winter Camp, March Break Camp).

Mini Projects are one-time workshops where each participant works on a small project. Parties and events also fall into this category.

We also offer a weekly class program, which is a package of 4 classes (2 hours per class). For more information about these class packages, please contact us.


Do you host group events?

Yes! We host birthday parties, corporate events, bridal name it! For these group workshops, everyone will be making the same Mini Project. The workshop can be hosted at our studio or at your venue (transportation fee may apply).


How long are the workshops?

For kids camp, each project will be Monday to Friday half day. We offer full day as well (choose 2 projects - one in the morning, one in the afternoon). Remember to pack your own lunch :)

For Mini Projects, the workshops will take anywhere from 1.5 hours to 3 hours. It depends on which project you choose, as well as how fast you make your project. We don't rush you at all - you are welcome to stay for as long as you need!

For the weekly class program, each class is 2 hours long.


Do we get to make the items from scratch?

It depends! We specialize in teaching miniature clay, so all clay items will be made from scratch. Certain projects may be complemented with miniature non-clay accessories (e.g., ceramic bowls, silverware, glassware, wooden stalls etc). 


At what age can I enroll my child in your workshops?

We recommend your child to be age 6+ in order to join our workshops. This age requirement is simply a guideline and can vary from child to child. The most important factor is whether your child is able to sit patiently and focus on their project.


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